Welcome. We’re a team of language professionals

based in Cascadia.

We Refine.

|rəˈfīn| v. to clear from dullness; to make more subtle or effective; to render in a more elegant aesthetic style.

We focus on enhancing your writing and clarifying your message. Working with you, we produce a stronger manuscript and communicate your ideas more effectively. Our expertise ensures consistency in voice, distinction in style, and precision in language, from first draft to final submission.

We Craft.

|kraft| v. to make or construct skillfully and with ingenuity; to shape or form by hand; to bring into being.

We have over fifty years combined professional experience–we are wordsmiths and keen-eyed readers. As literary scholars and working writers, we know research and writing intimately, and are passionate about fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We take pride in the mechanics and the creative art of making words work.

We Plot.

|plät| v. to plan, contrive, or devise; to draw a plan of something; to divide into sections and to chart the way.

Whether an academic article or a novel, we can structure your manuscript for elegance, appeal, and impact. We help you tell the story the way you envisioned it. You can be confident in our ability to manage complicated projects and make your words resonate with readers.

Our Services

We bring expertise of the highest degree and unique creative strengths to every job. As a collective, we offer a diverse range of services you won’t find elsewhere.

manuscript consultation and evaluation
basic copyediting and proofreading
line and stylistic editing
substantive and structural editing
formatting and bibliography
research & fact checking
archive digitization and management
project management


Our Projects

We love to dive into new writing and communications projects. For larger projects that require substantial strategic planning or multiple perspectives, we offer a team-based approach. 

fiction, non-fiction, and poetry manuscripts
magazine and newspaper articles
academic articles, edited collections, and monographs
dissertations and theses
conference papers and presentations
agent/publisher queries and submissions
academic, arts, and non-profit grant proposals
websites and digital humanities projects
corporate documents and reports
print and online brand and marketing campaigns


Meet the Collective

Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett


Matthew Bennett began editing in 2008 at Ronsdale Press, where he shepherded documents from submission to final print, and served as editor for publications such as Sheila James’s In the Wake of Loss (2009). He was later copyeditor for academic monographs, such as Nicholas Hudson’s A Political Biography of Samuel Johnson (Pickering & Chatto, 2013). His current editing work includes novels and short stories, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. He currently serves as Vice President of the Northwest Editors Guild. As a language professional, Matthew has an exceptional record of teaching everything from English and Spanish grammar to modern philosophy of language. He has an English PhD from the University of British Columbia and has been writing and publishing academic, journalistic, and fictional prose for over a decade.

Judith Scholes

Judith Scholes


Judith Scholes has a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia, where she wrote a dissertation on Emily Dickinson, material rhetoric and the ethos of women’s poetry in nineteenth-century American periodicals. For the past 15 years, she has provided freelance writing and editing for corporate, web, academic, literary, and arts clients. She specializes in editing and consulting on academic articles and monographs, poetry and poetics, as well as archival research. Currently, Judith serves on the Board of Directors for Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA), teaches English at the University of British Columbia and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and is working on a book-length project about nineteenth-century American women newspaper editors. Her own writing has appeared in the Emily Dickinson Journal and American Periodicals.

Lucia Lorenzi

Lucia Lorenzi


Lucia Lorenzi has a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia, with research and teaching specialization in Canadian literature and drama, Indigenous literature, autobiographical writing, and trauma theory. Her dissertation examined the relationship between silence and literary representations of sexual violence. Lucia’s scholarly writing and editing expertise is complemented by her years as a blogger for rabble.ca, as well her work as a graphic designer, editor, and copywriter for the UBC Department of English. With a strong background in the performing arts and public speaking, Lucia is able to help clients craft dynamic speeches. Lucia also has extensive experience with social media and with creative writing, and is eager to help clients develop their unique voices.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Collective or to have us consult jointly on how best to approach your work, you can use our inquiry form or reach us directly at inquire@cascadiaeditors.com.