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Another writer of ours has published his first book. In an absolute first for us, this book has already been transformed into a downloadable audiobook.

In The Hero’s Brother, M. Scott Anderson presents a rollicking adventure with a very literary bent. It’s a fantasy novel without dragons. An exquisitely chaste romance novel. A daring adventure story with a timid adventurer. All in a world where novels and romances are currency and librarians have seized the realm, wielding enormous quills like two-handed swords.

Inspired by books, built on an economy of books, it is no wonder that allusions and puns abound. Beyond the humorous jabs, however, is an adventure so preposterous that the protagonist isn’t even the hero of the realm. Rather, it’s his meek, lovesick brother, Frith. The hero’s brother must answer the call of destiny by recruiting a wild bunch of murderers, villains, and dandies to rescue (or murder?) his brother and make the kingdom whole again.

How to categorize a book like this? A medieval fantasy, a romance, a satire, an adventure, and a bit of a tearjerker all in one. M. Scott Anderson’s bizarre imagination, his whimsical yet genuine characters, make for a reading experience like…well, The Hobbit meets Don Quixote meets The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor. As Frith might say, it’s books all the way down.

And for this book, M. Scott Anderson connected with the brilliant voice actor Mark Bramhall. Mark Bramhall reads in a variety of voices, and is a cast member on the audiobooks for Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood, Ron Chernow’s Grant, and George R. R. Martin’s Dreamsongs.

To listen to Mark Bramhall read M. Scott Anderson’s debut novel The Hero’s Brother, click this link to visit, where five minutes from the first chapter are available for preview.