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M. Scott Anderson, client and friend of the collective, is gaining buzz for the audiobook of his fantasy adventure novel The Hero’s Brother.

On the popular audiobook review site Audiofile Magazine, Anderson’s novel received praise for voice actor Mark Bramhall’s skillful representations. The reviewer writes, “From the very beginning, listeners will be captivated by Bramhall’s ability to distinguish every character–and there are many–with a distinct voice and accent, never wavering when moving from one person to the next.”

One of the strengths of Anderson’s novel is wide array of diverse characters, both comedic and tragic. This makes the contributions of a voice actor both challenging and enlivening to the book. It is for this reason the reviewer adds, “listeners cannot go wrong with this expert performance by Bramhall.”

The next discussion of Anderson’s novel comes from Shelf Addiction, a website dedicated to books and popular culture. There the head reviewer and podcaster Tamara Ford interviews Mark Bramhall about his work on The Hero’s Brother. (After a discussion of acting and Bramhall’s stellar career, a conversation about Anderson’s novel begins at the 21-minute mark in the podcast.)

In the interview, Bramhall marvels at the depth of Anderson’s world-building, comparing his novel to George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. He also talks about the thrill and the challenge of representing (and distinguishing) Anderson’s wild cast of characters.

It’s a pleasure to watch buzz build around our writers’ projects, and The Hero’s Brother is getting just the right kind. When M. Scott Anderson told me he brought Bramhall onto the project, I was excited with the news, but with reservations. How would an actor transform the project? I’m happy to say that the result is magic.