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One measure of arriving as a writer is how many hours you’ve sweated over a legal contract in the brutal process of selling your art. It feels so desperate, so momentous, and yet so futile.

Thankfully, some local lawyers felt pity for beleaguered artists and formed the Washington Lawyers for the Arts (WLA) in 1976 to make “legal resources accessible to artist.”

To that end, the WLA is hosting an event titled “The Real World of Artist Contracts” next Thursday, November 14th, 2019 in downtown Seattle (920 Fifth Avenue, #Suite 3300). Sign up now and take your working contract with you!

Mastering the Hustle,” a program radio station KEXP runs for musicians, is another example of nonprofits lending a hand to Seattle’s artist community. Rents are high and markets tight, and living from sales alone is tough for the writers and musicians of Cascadia. Grants and free legal advice make all the difference—artists must make the search for aid a part of the quest for publication.