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The CEC is proud to announce the publication of Natalia Molina’s A Place at the Nayarit: How a Mexican Restaurant Nourished a Community (University of California Press).

This project is a social history of the Echo Park community in Los Angeles, specifically the nurturing and open cultural established by Doña Natalia Barraza with her restaurant The Nayarit. We were proud to proofread this excellent academic research in collaboration with local editor Hanna Richards.

From the publisher: “Through deep research and vivid storytelling, Molina follows restaurant workers from the kitchen and the front of the house across borders and through the decades. These people’s stories illuminate the many facets of the immigrant experience: immigrants’ complex networks of family and community and the small but essential pleasures of daily life, as well as cross-currents of gender and sexuality and pressures of racism and segregation.”

In summary, “A Place at the Nayarit is a stirring exploration of how racialized minorities create a sense of belonging. It will resonate with anyone who has felt like an outsider and had a special place where they felt like an insider.”

For more information on A Place at the Nayarit and scholar Natalia Molina, you can visit the University of California Press here.