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Field Notes.

From Student to Writer: Professional Transformation

Transformations are difficult. Especially difficult when your formation as an academic prepares you in oblique ways for what you desire to become: a writer. William Germano’s From Dissertation to Book (U Chicago, 2005) is nearly a classic in the books-on-writing...

Let’s Talk About Developmental Editing

Let’s begin with a book that serves as an inspiring and comprehensive introduction to the art of developmental editing, my own preferred corner of the craft. If you’re curious to know the different levels of editorial intervention (copyediting, line editing, and...

Welcome to Our Blog

This space is a public venue for the Cascadia Editors (Judith, Lucia, and me, Matt) to write about the craft of editing and our literary ideas and experiences. It gives writers, editors, and publishers a chance to meet us as writers and thinkers, and perhaps learn...

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